properly cleaning my set


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my set is very dirty what kind of household cleaners can i use or if thats no good what should I buy, wanna keep that nice finish shiny :D


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well.. i mean you could buy stuff or use house hold cleaners but if you really want
that shine and it looking nice and purty

good ol fashinon hand cloth hard work
when i use to march way back in the day no lie they
gave us water and a rag and we sat there for hours cleaning
thouse babies

i kinda carried that onto my set i just use water and a cloth and
just clean untill i feel like im going to die.

what i really suggest if you actully do this is get 2 rags one drenched in water and hit every drum 3 to 5 times depending
on how dirty thouse babies are. and then take the other rag which should be dry and just wipe every spot till you can see your
self in that drum. and then once its all done and assuming you polish your cymbals too your set looks like
the queen of england plays your set


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Trick makes really good drum polish. Also theres Dunlop, and maybe Lizard Spit makes a drum polish too?

dave lynch

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I use this stuff called Mirror Glaze..You can get it at auto stores..Use an all cotton rag with it and never wipe the dust off of your drums when dry..I use a feather duster ( carefully ) for that. Spray some on and' works great on chrome too...Cymbals I just use Paste Cymbal Cleaner...!!
If you go to my myspace you'll see pics of my drums after I cleaned them and put new heads on them, but I hadn't got to all the chrome yet..!!


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Pledge works great on cymbals too, following a cleaning to keep the dust off. Little or no buildup, and keeps dust and fingerprints off your metal.