Proper angle


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Hey guys, this is a problem I have been having for a while.. Maybe some of you have figured out a way to get around it.

I have a Gretsch Catalina Jazz set that comes with an 18" bass drum. With that bass drum they provide a clamp that attaches itself to the rim of the bass drum that gives it a few inches of rise. Once the clamp is on the rim, you attach the bass pedal to the bottom. The problem with this is it seems to me this is the only way to hit the bass drum in the sweet spot since the bass drum is so small. Also, the angle the beater hits the head is very awkward, it also takes more effort than I had to do with my old set to make it sound good.

My question: Do others with an 18" bass drum use the clamp or do they just put their pedal on the rim? What is the most effective?

Thanks for your time!!


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The rising hoop clamp is pretty neccessary if you wanna get near the middle of the drum. You dont wanna push your beater down too far in the pedal, you will start to strike the butt of the beater on the hoop or head. if youre having a harder time at the end of the stroke either raise or lower the front end (spikes) of the kick to give a different angle on the head or get an adjustable beater that adjusts to whatever angle the kick is at.