Promark's 50th Anniversary Snares

Pork Sword

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I'm sure they are awesome...but that price tag is absolutely ridiculous...almost $3000 bucks is what alot of custom drum sets sell for. My honest opinion (along with the Ocletree snares "spirit of 2002 snares) definatley not worth the money. I'd honestly say there is no drum made over $700 that's really worth it. I've played the Zildjian/Noble & Cooley snare in the past & it also did not warrant the price tag.

However, I do have to say it's a beautiful drum....and a piece of history some day.
Nice find....


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they where giving one of those away for free in " Rhythm " magazine, i didnt win one, but i bet its sound amazing. it luks to nice to play with its case n all tho.