PROGRESSION - Composition software for Drums!!!


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Hello all!

My name is Kyle Poehling and I work with Notion Music. We've just released a new program called "PROGRESSION." It's a music notation software that's geared towards guitar, BUT you can also compose (in standard notation) for drum set. PROGRESSION has included a very high quality sample library with GREAT playback.

There are TONS of other very cool features, but I'd rather the product speak for itself. I've had an AMAZING time developing the program and some of the demos I wrote ended up in the program! The demos are up on the new product page, so PLEASE stop by and check them out...let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for your time!
Kyle Poehling
Notion Music

“PROGRESSION: Music Software for Guitar”

Rob the Drummer

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cableman26":25tb9332 said:
Dude no offense, but this is a forum we're not looking to buy anything.
Exactly why he's allowed to post here. It's an open forum and he's got a product for drummers. Do you want to not let people post what new drums come out because others aren't looking to buy anything?


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I see your point Rob, but first it's him than another and another. Then it's all advertisements. If i'm looking for a drum product I will go elsewhere to find it not a forum. But that's just my opinion. If he had 50 or 60 posts and did this its cool he's contributing to the forum. But seems to me he's just trying to push product. But like I said I respect your opinion too.


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Sorry to offend gents. I'll keep my posts here away from the product.

I understand the concern, but honestly I'm just a drummer that works at a really cool company, and helped make a really cool product at that company, and I want to share it with people....

Once again, sorry to offend.
Take care,
Notion Music