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yea, the i like the ebonys alright...especially the look, but im kind of growing out of them, because they don't ring as much as i would like...they have a sort of muffled sound (i guess for a more Heavy Metal feel) and seein how im not really into that anymore, im thinkin about changin them. What do you suggest (for batter and resonant)?


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im really looking forward to adding my Roland TD-6V Percussion Sound Module with two Roland PD-8 Dual-Trigger Pads. i don't know where the best place to put em though! its gonna be fun i know for sure! and here is the pic that was deleted for some reason.



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Nice kit + set-up.

There are similarities in our set-ups. You just have more cymbal than I do at the time.

I will be adding my TD-8 module + (2) PD-80r Mesh pads.

Then more than likely also hooking up 3 triggers to my front rack toms.

I just need the damn extensions for both sides of my kit in order for me to get all that going.

Nothing worse than having $1500 worth of stuff just chillin... not being used.


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Carter":3h3b02dq said:
Post cymbal specs!:)
As of now i have an 18" Zildjian Z custom series crash

18" Sabain AA Metal-X China

16" Sabian AA Metal-X Crash

20" Zildjian ZXT Ride (which has lasted me for 5 years since ive had the kit and still rides beautifully!)

14" Zildjian Z Custom series Hi-Hats

8" Wuhan splash

10" Wuhan splash

and 12" Wuhan China

the 18" crash and the 14 Hi-Hats are just recently starting to crack a bit, so im replacing them with

18" Sabian AA Medium Crash

and 13" Sabian AAX Series Stage Hi-Hats

and im also adding a 12" Wuhan Splash

18" AA Medium Thin Crash

and a Latin Percussion LP845-K Mini Timbale Set.

im basically trying to go all sabian and wuhan eventually! i just got just over a thousand dollars in graduation money and i've already purchased my books for college so the rest is going to be invested in DRUMS WHERE THE MONEY BELONGS!

thanks for the comments everyone!
Yea i play with the ebony pic-stripe as well. All i gotta say, is I practice at least and hour-and-a-half a day (Rock / Metal), and these things have maintained, look, feel and sound for about 4 months now!!!! :shock: :shock: I freakin love them. Oh... and nice setup... 8)