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can anyone tell me what grohl is platying at the very start on the drums cos im puzzled

if some one can help me out it would be much apreciated


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It's 16th notes between the snare and bass drum, with a few crashes with the snare hit and a few toms replacing the snare hit.
The phrasing in the old standard 3+3+3+3+2+2

sn * * * * * *
bd ** ** ** ** * *


1 e & a 2 e & a 3 e & a 4 e & a
s b b s b b s b b s b b s b s b

s = snare
b = bass

Like I said, some of the snare hits are played on other sounds. If you figure out the accent pattern, then you can play around with sounds.

If the other two examples don't make sense, try this:

Play RLRL over and over. Count 16th notes (1e&a)
Accent the first, fourth, seventh and 10th strokes. Wala, your playing triplets!!
If you play 16 notes, you'll notice that accenting every 3rd note gets funny ant the end, so after you accented the 10th stroke, accent strokes 13 and 15.

RLR LRL RLR LRL RL RL (Accent the first stoke of each 3 or 2 note grouping)

Hope that helps!