prized part of your kit


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ok so we all (i presume) think our kits are absolute beauties and our babies, but what is your prized possession amongst your kit and why? (excluding the drummer)

mine on my kit would have to be my hi-hats, i dunno why, they're pretty regular but i think i appreciate them more than anything else because previous kit was an electronic kit and was a yamaha dtxpress 2 with no proper hi hat functioning i.e. the hat cymbals was a pad and the pedal was a lil pedal like piano's have, not connnected or anything


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I'd have to say my double pedal, i have know idea what brand it is. Its just solid metal with these huge marshmellow beaters :D

It feels great, and its better than the crappy pdp one i had before

but i have a gift card for Guitar Center so it might not be so prized anymore



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For me it seems to always be the latest edition to the kit. I am pretty proud of the Protection Racket cases I bought yesterday for a snare, bata drum and cymbals. :)

But the most favoured areas are my three high end Sonor snares, the Artist Cottonwood, Artist Brass and Delite maple.

I also love my 22" K Custom pre aged high definition ride cymbal.

I adore my Meinl Byzance 20" heavy ride. That is one brilliant cymbal!

I love my Pearl Elite oak congas, bongo and bata drums.

My 4 LP Tito Puente timbales are pretty special as well.

So is my collection of Raul, or Bauer instruments from Brazil.

I love everything equally!!! I can't choose. :)


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Mine would be my bass drum... I mean, its just a normal Pearl Export bass drum, but I appreciate its sound the most!


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im partial to my vented spaun 6x14 maple snare

and my 21" sabian hh raw bell dry ride

and my 14" and 18" sabian aaxplosion crashes


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Without question, it's my 28" kick drum. Don't know what brand it is (got it used). It's got Ludwig Classic hardware on it, but that was clearly an aftermarket mod. It's also got an old Rogers cymbal mount on it. Sitting behind that thing is like driving a train!


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my 14 x6.4 ultracast snare (loud and warm w/ black tube lugs)

my 15 inch z hats (what a difference an inch makes)

my 24" brx bass drum (what a difference 2 inches make...


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Nothing, I hate most of everything about my set and can't wait till I can get a new one. although its not gonna happen for a while.

But I figure the thing I hate the least is my K Heavy Ride. It has a good sound, and it doesnt ring too much, but its still pretty loud and the bell sounds decent.


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I'd have to say my pearl double bass pedal...and I don't even use it too often for what it's supposed to be for haha. I'm in a punk band so I don't need to use it much but I just love it :p


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My DW 9000 DOuble Pedals............

Sooooooooooooooooo Smoooooooooooooth 2 play..........

I NEVER even adjusted it when I bought it, played it right out of the box and recently bought another as a legitimate backup....


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My most prized part of my kit is my Steve Gadd PERSONALLY autographed 18' K Custom Session Ride. Sweet sound, and signed by the master himself!!!!!!!!!!!


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I love my set no doubt about it. But I play alot of clubs and for you folks that know what night clubs is all about its usually quite a long gig. That means endurance, comfort, posture, and logevity is important, so im going to have to go with my roc-n-soc throne. The throne I had before it was an Adams and it made my butt numb after a couple of sets as well as back pain. The roc-n-soc eliminated that.


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my 20 year old, really beaten up, 8.5 * 14 Ludwig collusiam (dont know if thats how to spell it, was never good at spelling) maple snare. never heard anything like it, records really well, and as loud as anything when played live - bought it from new, and never changed. I have tried others and always come back to it, and friends who have played it have fallen in love with it, but cant get hold of one - and they aint ever having mine