i just got this kick ass premier kit. at first i thought "meh, its premier, its alright". but it eventually grew on me. i love its sound and the all around feel of the kit. was just wondering if theres any other brit drum users out there?


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i was a premier user for 6 years before i restored my slingerland. my xpk really turned me into a birch fan. actually... its a mix of birch and eucalyptus wood.the sound is very warm and deep. the rack tom, floor tom, and bass drum just go BOOM. its got a bad ass black satin finish...trippy looking. didnt dig the metal snare drum so i replaced it with a 13X3 birch piccolo as well. the only problem i have with their drums is the rack mounting sytem.. dont care for the hardware to come out of the bassdrum... id rather put the rack tom on a snare stand.

what series is yours?