Premier Signia wood hoop 5.5 x 14 snare for sale or trade..

Pork Sword

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I have a mint condition Premier Signia wood hoop (very limited run under 500 ever produced) for sale or trade.

It is in natural maple gloss & does not have any scuffs, dings dents etc...It has gold hardware & I am also including a set of triple flange gold hoops (both snare & batter sides) which are brand new from
The only reason I am selling/trading this snare is, I am having a tough time getting used to the wood hoops & I want a deeper snare drum 6.5 or deeper.

I will post up pics shortly, or you can PM me here for them.

Price: $350.00 firm (these sold for $600 new)
DW's in 6.5 or deeper (not pacific snares, actual DW's only please)
Basically anything of equivalent value will be looked at.
I will also consider some alloy snares (I will add some cash for a nice Noble & Cooley alloy!!!)or an acrylic drum.

Lesser value snares will either have to add cash, or other gear to make up the difference. We can use ebay as a barometer for what our equipment is worth.

let's see what you've got.