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Heey, I would like to know how you guys practice. Because lately I've seen so many good drummers, and even more different techniques and playingstyles. And I want to learn it all. But that's why I get distracted from the actuall practising of new techniques. I just can't stick to one, because before I even gained the proper feel for one technique, i'm busy figuring out the second..and so on.

So I would like to know how you become so selfdisciplined that you "stick" to learning one technique, or maybe two ate the same time, to the fullest, and then go on to the next one.

I've tried working with schedules before, but I just need some sort of a drillinstructor or something to keep me focused at one thing at the time.

My main goals are the usual: extra speed, power, dynamics and above all control!

I have been doing a lot of rudiment for some time now, singles, doubles, paradiddles and tripleparadiddles in an ongoing loop. And that works great, but I want more! :lol:


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i hear ya. i get bored easily with rudiments. so i dont do them haha. i know i should but...meh. right now im working on the heel toe technique on my axis pedals. so far so good but damn did my legs hurt afterwards.

basically my practice schedule is this. dink around for about 5 minutes. play both my bands sets. by this time im warm. i go through any problem songs i have and work stuff through. especially fills. after that i do my other excersizes such as the heel toe thing and strengthening my left foot. lately ive been working on my left foot a lot. its straight retarded on my new pedals so im spending a lot of ime with it.


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lol that's a pretty sweet practice area.

I warm up with "8 on a hand" (play eighth notes with each hand), then I do the exercises my teacher actually wants me too, then I bang around for awhile. For speed I just drum as fast as I can until I burn myself out.


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I spend alot of time playing nowadays and don't really get into the "nuts & bolts" of playing "just drums". I ought to, but as I get older thee's other things in life that I enjoy. I do miss sitting down for a go at the drums though. I should go and practice some cool stuff, and soon. Once every 5 years or so, I get into a practice groove and "rework" myself from top to bottom.

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The key word to practice is patience. You gotta be patient and not cheat yourself! Drums, just like any other discipline requires patience, practice, and time. You say you worked on singles, doubles, paradiddles, and triple paradiddles in a loop...there's so much more than that! Try what I like to do, take simple rudiments and apply them musically. Make them groove, use dynamics and tempo to shape the groove.

Remember this, the drumset is your canvas and you are the artist. Be creative with it!

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For me I like to set a goal, weather that be to reach a set speed, or to work out a new groove/fill by a set time. i actually keep a drum diary, where I write down everything I practice, the tempo's, good things, bad things etc.

I find that allows me to work regularly on something without it being to monotonous. The other thing I do is blow it all out the window at the weekend. I practice Monday to Friday as muchas possible. By that I mean i don't just play to a cd. At the weekend, that is when I will just have a blast, play along to cd's etc.