PowerSonic Vs. EMAD Vs. Superkick


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I know all these drum heads are the same concept but im currently using the EMAD, and i was wondering which one out of the 3 gives you the punchiest and defined thud...can anyone help me out?



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Aquarian TC Superkick1, or TC SuperkickII, or even the Superkick 3. great heads, i take them over anything, the emade just doesnt feel right to me, and the powersonic i havent tried. i got a good thud out of the emad, but im a Superkick kinda guy,i like a bit more note in the bassdrum.


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I have used the Emad and the Superkicks on other kits than my own. The superkicks are terrible - no response off the beater and a totally muted sound. I use the Remo Powerstroke 3- tried and true!


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i use the power sonic and love it! has the rings of an emad but the removable pad does sooo much for the attack. i love it!