Post your HUGE kits here!


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If I feel I really need it, I put a little square of Moongel right above the Evans logo on my snare's batter head. Everything else is run wide open with Evans EQ4 batter heads on the basses. I rely on playing dynamics and especially proper tuning to get exactly what I want from my kits. :wink:



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Since the last picture worked, here's the equipment list:
Tama Starclassic Bubinga in Cordia finish with brushed nickel hardware, 8, 10, 12, 14TT, 16 & 18FT, 20" GBD, 6.5X14SD, 20X22BD.

Pearl 3X13 piccolo snare.

Cymbals are Zildjians except for two Chinas by World Percussion. 8" A Custom splash, 10" A. splash, 10" A Custom splash, 11" K Hybrid splash, 14" New Beat HiHats, 15" A Custom crash, 16" Z Custom crash, 16" A. crash, 16" K hybrid crash, 17" A custom crash, 18" A. crash, 18" China Boy High, 18" WP China, 12" WP China, 22" A. medium ride.

Tama mini timbales, chimes by Tree Works

Gibraltar Rack, Gibraltar throne, DW5000 Double pedals, and miscellaneous hardware by Tama, Gibraltar, Pearl, DW, and Premier.

I think that's it!


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audiotech":8woikzf3 said:
These kits aren't hugh, but are very nice, sound terrific and are a lot of fun to play.

Here's two pictures of each.

My Tama Starclassic Bubinga with Zildjian A Custom cymbals.

My Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute with Zildjian A cymbals

My Gretsch Renown maple kit with Sabian HHX Evolution and HH Raw Bell Dry ride cymbals.

I also have a vintage 1965 Whitehall (Pearl) kit with Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals, but it's not hugh, just a 5 piece kit.

I am raging with a sinful jealousy towards you. Major props to you for having the cash and such great taste! Absolutely love the kits! Got any videos?


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Those are some awesome kits you have as well! Love those bubingas, eh? The other kits look great too, nice cymbal choices! :D