Post your HUGE kits here!


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I forgot all about the monster!...Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! Is it done yet?! HUH HUH HUH??? But really where the heck is that big mofo?


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Alittle old and a little crappy...
This is what happens when I combine a Tama Rockstar and a Pearl Forum. This is also how my set looked when I found out that I didn't have a band anymore.
Not included are the roto-toms, a 20 in. bass, and the other two snares I have floatin' around.


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I used to have a somewhat "huge" kit, it was a 3 up 2 down set with 7 cymbals, but I could never get that 3rd tom or ride cymbal exactly where I wanted it, so I slimmed down to a 5 piece with 5 cymbals. I really like it, I found that with a bigger kit I usually ended up just rolling 16th's down the toms for fills, but with a smaller kit I really have to think about my parts more.


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metldrummer2112":ou6yykii said:
Just keep rubbing it in that I missed it why don't ya Bong?

Nahh I'm just messing with you, that looks REALLY fun to play!
Well thank you. And I'm proud to say that through knowledge gained on these forums about tuning and head selection...Not one single drum is muffled by any peripheral means.*high five*


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These kits aren't hugh, but are very nice, sound terrific and are a lot of fun to play.

Here's two pictures of each.

My Tama Starclassic Bubinga with Zildjian A Custom cymbals.

My Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute with Zildjian A cymbals

My Gretsch Renown maple kit with Sabian HHX Evolution and HH Raw Bell Dry ride cymbals.

I also have a vintage 1965 Whitehall (Pearl) kit with Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals, but it's not hugh, just a 5 piece kit.