Possibly The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Seen


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My friend's high school did a special performance one night. It was entitled Bonham.

The lead percussionist begun with the basic beat from When The Levee Breaks, then once he had that going, the percussionists in the back started playing every one of John Bonham's solos, while the lead percussionist still kept the beat from when The Levee Breaks going.

It was absolutely amazing.

SO do you guys have any expierences like this to share?


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Nothing Like that, though I would have loved to see & hear that. Makes me want to get some recordings and do a remix or just create them from scratch and layer that idea.

Can you find video or audio of this?


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thats pretty amazing, i wish i had seen that. By the way i love the "i hated bush before it was cool". Amen