pork pie snares

i played one on a house kit awhile back.

not a bad snare considering it's mass produced over seas.

this isn't the same quality of a real pork pie snare, but if you're on a budget, it's not a bad choice.


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I have an acrylic pork pie, which obviously isn't the same as that maple one. But I can tell you I'm happy with mine... soo... :D


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I just traded my Chad Smith for a big black and love the sound. I like the change from steel to brass. Plus, the overall quality of the drum (plating, edges, etc.) seems better. Especially for the price. It's like a Ludwig Black Beauty copy...sounds and looks great!


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I have the little squeeler 13x5 and Dude.. this thing rocks, I agree with shine.fm youth, not so great as a main snare since I find the tuning range isnt that large, but tuned tight its great! I use mine as a side snare for breakdowns and stuff, its loud, great rimshots and great price. Get it!!