Pork Pie Little Squealer; Need tuning/head help


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So I just picked up this gorgeous drum, has a crack like a .30-06, but the overtones are a beeyotch. One hit gives me a range of overtones that buzz in your ears and make recording painful. Originally I had considered buying an ST Dry to accentuate the drum's crack, but now I'm considering getting an EC2 Reverse Dot like my other snare, just to work out the overtones (and I'm also not sure my poor metal band could handle a louder crack). For my other band (post-hardcore) I use a 14x5.5" with an EC2 and I tune it pretty low for a snare; I wondering if this kind of tuning would sound good on the Pork Pie.

Does anyone have experience with this snare? Any recommendations?


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try different combinations of tuning and snare tension.once you get a decent sound with the heads that are on there. then switch to what you want


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hey dude, i'm new but i have the 7x13 squealer
it's an awesome drum but a little tricky..
i use the evens g2 head and crank it pretty tight
and tune the bottom a little lower
just keep playing with the tunning
and the ring and overtones won't happen


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hey! have u ever tried using a remo snare head?....i use evans heads on my toms, bass, an snare side heads...evens heads r great...but remo just makes a better snare head....ill never buy another evans snare batter head again after trying out remo....i suggest the REMO Wheatherking Emperor-X batter snare head with the reverse dot....thats what i use...its a really heavy, thick head an theyr 2 ply with the revese dot...really durable and the head is designed 2 filter out unwanted overtones....i think its like 10mil thick...like 5mil per layer an it has the rev.dot....u cud also muffle it 2 get rid of sum overtones 2...thats what i do...i like a really dry cracky snare sound cuz i also play in a real heavy harcore band...theyr also fairly easy 2 tune.....if u havent tried out a remo snare head...i HIGHLY suggest it!!! just make sure u get sum kind of wheatherking head if u do....try it!! u wont b sorry....an if this tells u anything about the head....if u know who travis barker is.....an u know how hard he hits his drums...well this is the snare head he uses....try it out...u wont b dissapointed i promise!! :D an i mean if u dont like it u can always switch back 2 evans....


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i got the acrylic little squealer and find an evans coated dry head, with a thin snare side and a 42strand snare sounds like an eargasm.
tuned nice and tight, no overtones, just a big CRACK