popcorn snare??


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when you say "popcorn snare" thats refering to the line of 6x10 inch snares pearl makes. i dont really see a need for 2 of the same snares in that size unless they are refering to a "firecracker snare (also made by pearl) which is a 5x10 or 5x12", or maybe a soprano snare which pearl makes in a 7x12. they may simply be refering to a smaller drum as a "popcorn" snare when they are talking about a differant drum.
well, you dont. but why not? theyre usually pretty cheap, and theyre great for accents and alternating tones if u need to change styles of music quickly. I play metal most notably, but sometimes i switch over to a latin beat or even reggae, and it adds a little something that just one snare cant fully accomplish. it just depends on what u need it for. or if u want one. either way, theyre really fun to have :)


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To me, a "popcorn snare" is a 10" snare, usually 5 or 6" deep. Perhaps the 8" (and smaller) snares could fall into this catagory, too.
Sopranos are 12" snares in my book. the 13-14" snares are kind of the standards, though a 15x12" could feasibly be a tenor snare... ?

I don't see much need for more than one (or maybe) two "popcorn" snares, unless they are very different, i.e.: shallow metal vs. a deeper wooden drum. Having a popcorn and a soprano makes sense. I have maple shelled 10x5.5" and 12x7" snares, as well as a 10x2" Jingle snare from a Sonor Jungle kit, which is much like a tambourine/snare thing. They are all very unique sounding snares and are great for the variety of tones and textures that can be conjured up.

Having a popcorn snare with the snares turned off adds a really cool accent tom sound.