Poll: Left handed drummers

Are you a lefty or a righty?

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JT Massacre

New member
I'm a lefty and was curious to know how many others were out there.
here's a pic of me on my maple Canwoods in the studio, I had just bought them from craigslist and didn't have time to replace the stupid front bass drum head. the reason there are only overheads is because the toms have Shure 57's built in.

And here I am on stage with a Vintage slingerland kit we bought in Bozeman Montana while on tour last year. the Canwoods cost me 400$ the slingerlands 250$ there are definitely some good deals to be had!


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I could probably play a wrong handed kit but I'd probably feel like a retard on meth for a little while.


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I started playing left handed on a right handed kit and just played open. i had to switch to a left handed setup for about 6 months due to me breaking my ankle a few years ago. now i am back to my original setup. i guess you could say im pretty comfortable with either setup.

Cretin Holmes

New member
i am left handed but my teacher was right handed so i learned right handed. the only way he would teach left handed is if you already had played or stuided under another teacher left handed. i think it is a good thing to be left handed and play right handed. my teacher had always had two drum kit set up for left and right. when i played in the stage band in school the other drummer was left handed and we had to have two drum kits on stage. and somtimes we would both play at the same time. he also studied under the same teacher . my teachers name was bob payola and he was a big band jazz drummer . and he could play anything . he could could play on trash can lids with nitting needels make them sound good.


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Left handed, and I can tell you that it's a bad thing when you buy a TD-6KX V-Drums: you have to put it in pieces before building it again and seem to have a lefty drumkit. Or when you have to play with several bands on the same stage, sound ingeneers and other drummers are generaly in bad mood when I tell them: I'm left handed :)


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watching leftys play is actually a painful experience. of course people who play right handed kits and put the ride on the left side are actually bearable... but thats becuase im a righty and i would just like them to conform to me.


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i am right handed but i play with both.
i play on a righty set but sometimes i play open (left hand leads) and sometimes crossed (right hand leads).
having a double bass allows me to sometimes lead with the left foot so that illiminates the downside of sitting on a righty set for that matter.
i would consider myself a righty though, cuz i started as one.

by the way, i read an article that said left handed players r more creative and innovative than right handed players - no matter what is the instrument being played.
i wonder how true is that...

a great lefty on a righty set is Mike Bordin of Faith No More and Ozzy Osborne.
a great righty that plays both hands is John Blackwell.
there are many many more of course... look them up its cool :)

great days good times


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Left or right every drummer should work on their "weak" side. I'm a righty and playing left hand lead has helped me to play longer sets. If my right gets tired I switch to left hand lead and give my right a rest.


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I'm ambitextrous.
I can write with both hands, though i prefer left (feels better heh)
i throw with my left and catch with my left.
i play tennis and soccer with my right
i play drums with my right, although i'm almost just as good playing left.
i just don't practise playing left...


New member
I'm left-handed and proud of it . I can't help being left-handed. I have started to play open handed just to give my left hand a break; and I am realising that I need to use the right hand more because it gets only half the work out that the left hand gets. Can anyone tell me what the big problem is with soundmen and left-handers? If you are close miked the mikes will just move with the drums when I move them around. And talking about shared kits and sound checks, I would have thought that its the relative power of each of the drummer which will make the most mess of an engineer's sound equilibrium. They get you to bring your own snare and cymbals anyway, so thats another variable.


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I play open on a righty kit, ride on the left, but i never cross my arms, unless im tired. i got pretty good playing my arms crossed, but i'm a ton better playing open.


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i'm left-handed, even for the legs, so i'm left handed and left leg? i don't know if we say like that...

anyway when i went for my firts drum class the teacher ask me: are you rigth-handed isn't? when i aswered no, i'm lefty....i saw in his face like...OMG now i have to change the drum kit each time..... so i decided to play like i rigth handed.....

well ther're some advantages:

- for rudiments and all stuff with hands, moving arround the kir etc... i had not a lot of problem with the left hand....
- same thing for the double base drum
- you can play in any show without changing the drum kit everytime.....

So i'm playing like a rigth handed without being one, and i found that an advantage :) atleast for me