Poll: Bright or dark crashes? WHY??

Do you like your crashes Bright or Dark?

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i use both for different applications. ive got zildjian a custom projections which are brighter than the sun, and some k customs which i find great for a warmer, darker feel. mix them and you can get a great sound i find. peace


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I have sets of both also; there are situations where both are advantageous- depends on the song.

Sometimes the fast decay and dark/organic overtones of a natural crash are called for,
sometimes I want the sheer explosion of a brilliant cymbal that cuts through and sustains.


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PDP9000":a1wsr1ak said:
I like dark because when you play metal it sounds better
and heavier.
and yet you play z customs and a customs?

i like a mix. bright cymbals sound great, dark cymbals sound great, its all in the application. most of my cymbals are bright but if i had the money to keep adding it would be about even.


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I like both. I like bright cymbals in bass heavy music and dark cymbals in music where the overtones have room to breathe.


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Gonna have to go with both. It's always going to depend on what voice goes best with the music.

As for preference in general, I prefer rides that are dark and washy with a nice "tah" stick, I like crashes not too thick or clangy, and I like hats light. I like chinas fast and trashy and splashes quick.


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AmnestysLowEnd":2ia9366p said:
I voted dark because I feel they record alot nicer than brights. They also have a fuller sound and I like that.
I also find them to be fuller sounding. But I don’t like them to be too dark (K Customs comes to mind). On the K range I like their medium thin crashes because they are a bit brighter. Actually, my main crash nowadays is an 18" K Crashride. I also have a 14" paper-thin Avedis that is very dark for what it is. So I think I'm in the middle of the road: I like the heavier models of the dark series and the lighter models of the bright series.


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Hack_and_Slash":2364367h said:
I like mostly bright cymbals. They cut through more and just sound better with the type of stuff I usually play.

i think they sound great in most metal applications in th studio nd in rehearsals


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though i prefer bright cymbals i do have a warmer/dark crash that shimmers much nicer than any of the brights do, mix and match is the way to go so you cover all grounds of music, sometimes bright cymbals just dont sound right especially during slower/mellow songs.