Po Boy snares


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I've been seeing "Po Boy Drums" products here and there and was curious. After talking to the owner for a while, I took the plunge and ordered 3 of their snares. They aren't expensive at all, and I figured at least I could experiment with different specs and see what wood/size/head combos I prefer.

I didn't really expect them to meet or exceed what the other big brand snares we've got in our studio can do, but dang if they didn't!
The Po Boy walnut 14" x 5.75" was our fav in a recording shootout, compared with a DW brass, Yamaha maple, and Pork Pie maple. It's got a huge tuning range and is really warm and organic sounding. One of the first times I've been able to get a fat warmth out of a snare while retaining a defined crack and mid-freq punch. I am loving this thing! Great looking natural finish too.

Also got a 14" x 5.5" brushed aluminum, and a 12" x 6" hand-hammered bronze that we'll be tweaking till we find the right heads and sweet spot.

I'm really impressed with these drums. Never knew walnut could be so sweet! I've got walnut bass guitars, but hadn't tried it for drums before.
me likey.

Feel free to say hi to Tony at Po Boy Drums, he's been extremely helpful to me in selecting specs that fit our studio and touring applications, and he's just a really nice guy with some very cool products.



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next up: 14 x 8.0 maple natural gloss finish

from Po Boy today:
"9 ply european loose grain maple, 2.3mm hoops, taye style strainer, 45 degree small roundover edge, finished interior for more low end.
This proves to be a big...full bodied open sounding snare for lower tone applications. Bowtie style lugs...old school look & finishing! I am pretty excited about this one."

really looking forward to getting hold of this one next week~


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they are really nice, and the price is insanely affordable.
This is what I've got in the arsenal so far:

14 x 5.5 brushed aluminum prototype

12 x 6 hand-hammered bronze

14 x 8 maple

14 x 5.75 walnut (need better pic...)

next up, in a week or so, is this 14 x 6.5 maple/birch/kokko hybrid (accompanied by a matching 5 pc kit):

also trying out some of their hardware; turns out it's really good.
Snare stand extends higher than any I've used before, that's really helpful with the aux/side snare setups. Triple boom stand has come in very handy in the studio, and I'll be testing the hi-hat stand when the new kit arrives.
I'm really digging everything they've sent me so far. Very impressed!


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if you ever get one or even just get to mess around on one, id really like a detailed review of the birch/bubinga hybrid kit. i checked it our on their site and i really like the looks of it, not to mention the price, and id love to hear some feedback on it.


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anavrinIV":32u6dvq2 said:
if you ever get one or even just get to mess around on one, id really like a detailed review of the birch/bubinga hybrid kit. i checked it our on their site and i really like the looks of it, not to mention the price, and id love to hear some feedback on it.
will do-
Don't know that I'll come across a kit of that nature, but I'm planning on at least a snare with that recipe. Supposedly a MONSTER for recording.

I've had the Maple/Birch/Kokko kit for a few days now, and I have to say that snare has moved right up the roster to 2nd place, and is challenging the walnut drum for supremacy. This thing is NICE! A very dry crack, well-voiced; and it tunes pretty easily in a wide range. Thick, throaty tones in a lower register; tuned higher it's very sharp and explosive. Hoping to record it this weekend.

The matching kit itself has a very vintage-ish vibe; reminds me of old Gretsches I used to own, and some Ludwigs I've played over the years. Really puts me in a Bonham frame of mind, they really speak well in the lower register; very deep and punchy. I'll be reheading them with texture-coated Aquarians for recording, they shipped with single-ply clears but I think the coateds will suit the kit better.
Me likey!! And his prices are so low- definitely worth checking these out.


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thems are some nice snares there. i really like po boy drums, the really look cool. are they a somewht new company?


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they are relatively new, yes.
Some of these are prototypes.
I'm really glad I took the chance and tried them out, these are some of the best drums I've ever owned~

Tony is a really great guy and has been super-helpful, I'm really enjoying working with Po Boy; looking forward to a full custom kit soon.


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just got these this week, taking them to the studio sunday:

14 x 6.5 copper

14 x 5 Taiga birch


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xdoseonex":3f4lszy0 said:
jesus christ, how many snare drums do you accually have?
well, I can't speak for him, but I believe that makes 7 Po Boys for me

we've got a couple others lying around the studio; DW, Yamaha, Slingerland, Pork Pie, but none of those made it onto the recent tracking sessions. Looks like it's all Po Boy for the new album~ I think each drum made it on there somewhere, except the aluminum and the new birch drum.

I'm eyeballing the 14" version of the hammered bronze, although I hear it makes your crotch numb after a while...