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hi, i really want to know what program that is out there that will let you edit instruments out of a song. I want to edit drums out of a song and then record my own playing of the song and adding it in. I can do the recording and adding in on a program i already have, i just need one that will let me take out the drums so i can add my own playing in. any help is much appreciated!!! thank you!!!


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so far as i know, no program like that exists. get people who can play other instruments very well and record them playing the songs you want to record to.


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Depending what song it is there are CDs out there that are just backing tracks specifically designed for drummers. Might be expensive though.


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if you are looking to do this yourself, the only real way would be to find the EQ ranges of the drums on that track, and then turn those frequencies down, although with the wide frequency ranges of a drum kit, chances are your going to take away most of the track!

Other than that cant think of another way that this could be achieved


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Well, if you can get pro tools and the individual original tracks....

Sadly, there isn't any good way to do this.

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I'm pretty sure it's completely impossible to do this entirely without removing pretty much the rest of the music too.


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pinkidrummer":12anhxl5 said:
Huh On the iPod what would be some good EQ settings to hear the drums clearly.
Umm...the jazz setting is good to hear drums clear but bass drum lacks...and the r'n'b setting is great for hearing bass drum parts but the drums get kinda muted....i use r'n'b though....i need to hear the bass drum
pro tools. oh the wonders of that program. you can take a song and depending on how good you are with the program, you can split up each recorded instrument pretty well. guitars, drums, bass, and vocals. it's amazing. then again, i'm not sure if you have 1200 to buy the program.

good luck.