Please Check out my Video of my Drum Solo


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I finally figured out how to put a video up onto my front page of myspace! lol

This solo was another one of those "make it up as you go along" jobbies, i have done better as this has no structure to speak of but some of the things i do in the solo are ok i suppose. It was recorded from the very last gig i did with the band. I was in the band for over 6 1/2 years touring and playing over 200 gigs a year so i saw these guys more than i saw my girlfriend at the time, it was a very emotional evening for me as it was like leaving my family.

Anyway, listen to the solo, let me know what you think and even add me if you wish! lol

Sorry about the quality but it was dodgey from the source so i couldn't really do much with it.

All the best