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Not really, i think my drum teacher influences my drumming style, like i watch to see how he plays if you know what i mean


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yeh i get what you mean, i suppose i like to play funk most because thats what everyone plays at the jam sessions and stuff and ive been brought up listening to funk like bill withers.


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good question. suppose my style is more what i listen to music wise. if i listen to aggressive music ill play more aggressively, if im listenin to quiet controled music ill play like that. etc.


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I more or less picked up on playing with two bass drums by watching and listening to mike wengren. He's the biggest influence on my technique and style.


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perhaps I should explain...

I grew up in South Central LA, where nice young African American kids were supposed to play funk, R&B or Rap (as it was called in the 80's).

Something happened and my sister gave me a B52's record. The world changed.

Then I got shipped off to school in the Inland Empire. Clarement ot be exact (Cali). Once there, I heard all sorts of weird sounds (from Zepplin to Black Flag).

Punk rock and Metal weren't oil and water to me (as they were in the real life 80's), so I could get down with the Dead Kennedys AND Van Halen (I know Van Halen is Hard Rock, but you get my point...geez).

Got off my skateboard and picked up BMX. Started listening to the sounds on the street...even RATT (doing ricks on my bike while listening to Roung & Round went hand in hand.

Mix in a little jazz, and stir.

Finally saw Fishbone in the mid 80's. They blew me away. My musical stew was set on simmer.

And so now I play Funk/HipHop/Rock/Punk/Metal/Jazz/Pop.

The funniest thing is that my brother in law and I also had a thing for country music. Good country music is awesome, it's like Blues music. I picked up Hillbilly Deluxe by Dwight Yoakam and slipped it into the lexicon...

I write songs as country tunes, then translate the styles as needed...

So that is what I meant be "yes." Where ever I went, I found new styles to dig. The good stuff sticks while the bad stuff gets filed under "crap."

And even more funny is that GOOD MUSIC last forever. Bad Music has it's moments!


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My parents always listened to shit like pantera, metallica, pink floyd, etc.. which influenced me to start playing guitar.. a few years later i bought a drumset and played the same stuff i was playing on guitar but for whatever reason i got better on drums faster than i did on guitar so i became a drummer and never looked back. haha i remember going to show and tell.. the kids brought their toys and shit and i brough pantera tapes and let the class listen. my teachers hated that shit


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I do believe 100% that your location in the world influences your musical preference and your playing style. But it isnt the only thing.

My parents listened to a lot of country when I was growing up, but that in itself didnt influence me at all. My interest in playing drums came from meeting friends in highschool who had a band and wanted a drummer. I picked up a kit and began to learn. My friends' music collections influenced me more than anything, bringing my understanding of the genera I wanted to drum for into a whole new realm.

So there is another influence.

Another would be what is popular in the area with your age group, or the people you are I guess it ties in with the above statement.

and now im im done.


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I dont know about everyone else but i think that style is something thats constantly evolving and changing every time you pick up your sticks. Sure theres phases where you tend to play the same for a while but when you start to listen to different styles of music you start to hear new gaps in the music to place fills or maybe you just realize that you dont have to hit something on every beat. whatever the case i think your surrounding may have something to do with your style but your musical selection has a larger impact.


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I agree with Drumfire87, as well as most of you. My dad was from Kentucky, alot of country in the house. Hank Sr- Ronnie Millsap all 50-80s stuff. Then my best bud introduced me to Van Halen, Journey, Stones, and Sabbath. Wow what a change, then NWA, Public Enemy, Too Short, drum loops, another change. Then P Funk, Hot Chocolate, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool and the gang. I have listened too, and been influenced by so many styles of music, I have never stopped evolveing as a player. I am always looking some name up on the computer....Kenwood Danard, Rick Lathem,Stanton Moore, Poogie Bell, Benny Benjarmen...oops misspelled it. Well I think there are so many variables that influence ones playing style, it really depends on the person and their life experiences. Geographical location could also play a big factor as well.


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i would have to say that influences are from everywhere for me....i learn more and more every day by just studying different styles and techniques that drummers use!!


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also i try to learn differnt styles, like im in a progressive rock band where i try to use a kenny arnoff/john bohnam style....but i also jam with a black metal band and try to pull off blast beats and alot of tripplett fills but im kind of rust on them but thats whats fun about it...anyone have a good techinique to work on double stoke rolls and chops?


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Other drummers influence my playing style a lot. When I was really into Dave Weckl, I played a lot of jazz. When I was into Virgil Donati, I played a lot of technical stuff.


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i think it definitely can because your area to a certain extent can influence your musical selection. for example, metal is big in florida. jazz is big in chicago and what used to be new orleans. im not saying that people definitly listen to what's big in their area, but it definitely can influence it. and the music you listen to directly influences how you play