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Okay fellow drummers, here's a good one for you.

I've been getting cortisone shots in my wrist every 2-3 months to combat some tendon damage that I have had now for about 2 years.

Problem is, due to corporate downsizing in August, I've got no job, which means no insurance, which means no shots.

My left hand and wrist began to act up yesterday, and as of right now, I can't make a fist. My hand is all swollen up, and I have a band show tomorrow night (Saturday). How bad is it? If the show was tonight, there's no way that I could play it.

I'm currently taking Naproxen and Advil, and alternating ice and heat on my wrist. I'm also going to try to tape it up for the show tomorrow, but I may not be able to play the whole show.

So, any advice or quick fixes?


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Harsh times! I'd recommend going to a clinic and asking them, or asking the trainer if you go to a gym - I'd say that you PROBABLY shouldn't play on it, but hey, a gig's a gig.


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If its detrimental to your health and could lead to serious issues with your wrist then I wouldn't play the show. But who am I to talk...

I'm the genius who on a broken ankle in a cast started playing drums again in practice just 3 days after the break. And that was just practice, but believe me I paid a price for it. Don't think Ive gone through so much pain before.
Take care of your wrist and I hope the show goes well.

Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs once injured his left hand and had to play throughout their European tour one-handed. But his drumming is pretty simplistic if you are into technical drumming. Here are some links to the live videos. Not sure they would help, but just for your reference anyways.

Cheated Hearts:

Fancy/Date With The Night/Honeybear:

Pin/Gold Lion/Phenomena:



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when i play my right forearm craps up and i used to get the occasional shooting pain in my left forearm!! I get paranoid alot abou8t hurting myself and not being able to play!! i'm so protective over my limbs! all my mates scrap fight loads ( we're all early 20's so it gets ruff) and i'm the one that is always like dudes seriously get the fuck off my hands lol


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What you have is no different to a sports injury. If you keep playing it'll just get worse until you can play no more! Take a serious look at it my man.

Cramp seems to be common among me and my fellow drummers. Caused by dehydration and lack of exercise on the partcular area you're using. My right hand cramped once, two songs from the end of the set. I'd never got it before and it was really scarey because my hand closed into a claw and I had to hold the sticks between the middle fingers - bloody agony it was. Plus having to get the bass player to forcibly uncurl my fingers afterwards was just weird. The doc said - stay off alcohol before/during playing, drink lots of water, warm up and take the time to practice just using the hand/arm/leg thatis effected.
I had a sim. thing going on aswell. It was the tendons on my wrist about halfway down my forarm. I had tention knots and my girfriend did some deep massage and worked it But it was the same I couldn't make a fist or hold the friggin stick. Try feeling around and see if you got a tention spot. Some times you get a calcium deposite and f's up your mussles wich in turn f's up your playing. Also you might want to try soaking in epsom salt & hot water. The pills will just mask the problem but not fix um. Good luck and all......


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If you think your wrist hurts think about the Drummer for Def Leppard..i forget his name...He has to play shows and go thru life with one arm.


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Here's a pic of my right hand. I did this 3 years ago. I resumed playing approx. 2 weeks after it all happened. Talk about pain. My advice: a couple of hydros and a few beers will fix any health issue :)



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WhereSheWept":25jn38s2 said:
Here's a pic of my right hand. I did this 3 years ago. I resumed playing approx. 2 weeks after it all happened. Talk about pain. My advice: a couple of hydos and a few beers will fix any health issue :)



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Wow buddy...

Try putting some ice on it and not using it very much until your gig.
I hope that works, but I'm not completely sure.


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well if its as bad as the guy with four fingers...dont play it! seriously a gig is a gig but for us percussionists our hands are life!!! not just for drums but for other things too man...if u MUST play the show...kiss....good luck tonite!
well, ive played with a broken ankle before. I broke it about 3 hours before i played, then i played wasnt so good, so id reccomend alternating ice and heat up until the show then taping it up.


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I've played injured before...but by luck it was my leg. Basicly...what I did was tried to do everything I could with what I've got. Try playing with one hand =/


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Injuries like that suck bro...I don't have any advice but I've been in a similar situation and taped a stick to my hand because i couldn't grip hurt like hell and I obviously couldn't play very inticate stuff but I got through it...It's been said about 10000000000000000000 times but it's true...the show must go on

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The very first time I have ever palyed out was on a new years eve with a broke thumb that I broke the day before!!! I had Iced it all day to get the swelling down and held my stikes between my index and middle finger. It was hell especialy since we had to play 2 extra hours. I had to keep putting tape om my fingers cause I didnt have any calises biult up between my fingers and at the end of the night my thumb was so swollen it didnt look like a thumb!!!! Good thing our next gig wasnt for a couple weeks so it could heal a little. Well theres my ijury Oh yeah I broke it downhill sking!!!!