Placing Rides on 45 Degree Angles


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I believe Will Calhoun from Living Colour also set his 2 rides at the 45 deg. angle. I have tried it and it seemed to choak the sound a bit and it does not feel natural to me. I can't get the washing sound out of the ride like I like in that position. To each his/her own. DB


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I remember reading an interview with Peter Erskine in Modern Drummer a couple decades ago where he was talking about making his cymbals flatter. Before that, he had his cymbals at really extreme angles. He found it increased sustain and playability. I have to say I agree with that. I tried putting my cymbals at more acute angles when I was much younger, and I couldn't get used to not having a trajectory for the stick that utilized gravity efficiently.


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I have my rides tilted towards me and find them very comfortable to play. I don't know if they are at 45 degrees, but they are not flat by any means.