Placing Rides on 45 Degree Angles


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As I was looking for The Spirit of Radio drum covers, I ran into a guy named Neal Braatz.

He did this cool thing where he put his ride on a 45 degree angle. I tried doing it, and it didn't quite work out. I couldn't hit the ride where I wanted, and it didn't work out well at all.

Do any of you do this with your ride? And if possible, why?
(I know some things work for others, but I'm just curious)


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It just comes downs to personal preference. Danny Carey digs it..

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Brann Dailor of Mastodon likes it

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I did it once to my ride and I think it's just fine!!! It's kinda hard hitting the bell though... Akira Jimbo likes it too!!!


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Sometimes you need to put it that way to make room for those full kits so it's out of the way of your toms etc. I prefer to make room for the ride, being it's often used and want it easily/comfortably accessable.


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I keep my ride relatively flat, with it angled toward me slightly.

Those extreme angles just don't do it for me.


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I have mine up like that, more than 45 but not vertical.

It all came about when my kit was set up in my room and i had to set it up like that otherwise it wouldnt fit, now i find that its the most comfortable way to do it and i hate playing a flat ride, my kit goes quite nicely round it too.
I suppose you could partly blame the fact that im a major fan of Nicko McBrain and he is practically my idol, but i find that angle comfortable. :)


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I find that angle comfortable as well and i have used my ride cymbal at that angle before when i had a nicko replica kit. but i'm pretty flexible with my set up and i am constantly changing my set up around, so i adapt.


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I don't like it myself, but who am I to argue with al foster and nicko mcbrain?

I don't have my ride flat, but definitely not that much of an angle. I like keeping my arm lower than that facilitates.