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I was wondering if you could do this finish..

In my opinion...that finish is beautiful
and...do you offer Butcher Hoops?


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dang...I want that exact :(..there's just something about it.
and that kit with black butcher hoops would be heaven in drums


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mikeellis":bm0qtzsm said:
PJ, you tried ST Drums in Germany for wraps like that?
No I haven't. Do they have a webpage? I can't find anything on them.

Spee, that's close but I don't think it's a match.


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SpeeMar":19xwpnm9 said:
is it this?
the finish on the kit on top is not reflective or pearlescent/irridescent in any way. doesn't even appear to be glossy. the one I just quoted is imo about a billion times cooler.


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lol, have to disagree..there is just something special about it...it's like it is not intending to be flashy..but it is anyway..i dunno :? the gold in the finish I posted second, is almost too bright to me.


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hey pj

i was wondering how you got into making drums and where and how you learned? did you do a course on joinery or carpentary? me and my brother are starting to 'taylor' our first drum set next month but its always been a dream to actually learn how to build drums, not nessesarely building the shell, but cutting my own bearing edge and doing my own drilling. if theres any books or tips on how to get into it id very much appreciate it.

thanks, rory