Pissed off by a fake Pearl Rep.


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This is something that has been bugging me over the last few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I was on myspace and I found a pearl drum page. I was like (Thank God, Finally a Pearl page). The page look real professional. So I added them and sent a massage saying (I would like so info on where to send my endorsement package). The next day I got a message saying if they could hear some of my music on myspace, I was like Hell Yeah you can. So I gave them the page name and in my head I was like (they wanted to here my stuff, I am going to get a endorsement…Fuck Yes!). The next day I got a message saying that I SUCKED! And there was no chance in getting a endorsement and they knew a kid that was 14 who could out play me any day. First of all, I don’t Suck. I was drumline leader for 4 years in high school, I make $50 a hour as a studio/session drummer and I am good enough to play in a band that has opened up for Atreyu, Three Days Grace, Buck Cheery,10 years and more. So if I suck, I do a damm good job of making people think I am good. So I got pissed off and did some back ground checking, First the 14year old kid they were talking about is the #1 person on there friend list, #2 on there friend list was Sabian cymbals, so I check out the sabian page and low and behold if the same fucking kid was #1 on the sabian page too and the Sabian page had the same layout as the pearl page did. So then I was like, something is very wrong here. So then I went to the kids page and is bio said that he was 14 and sponsored by Pearl and sabian, Now if you were endorsed by pearl and sabian, I would think you would have a better kit than exports and better cymbals the B8s. Don’t you? and hes page is setup up the same way the pearl and sabian page is setup . So I start butting two and two together. This kid made up the pearl and sabian page, put himself first so he could tell all hes friends is sponsored by Pearl and Sabian…What a DORK! Who feels that they have to do something like this to feel cool and feel better about there self and not only that but put down other drummers in the process. So I sent him a message Saying “Man that is so un cool! Making all this stuff up and putting me down in the process. You could have said, dude this is not the real pearl page and been done with BUT NO! you hade to go piss me off like this. I can tell you are immature 14 year old ” Hes Reply was “I am not a immature 14 year old I work for pearl as a rep and as far as the 14 year old goes, he is the most talent drummer I have seen and blows you out of the water he tours all over the world with his band “Kuroated” OK, NOT!!! FACT: if you go to there page on myspace, there are no post of a world tour or even less a national tour or hell a gig at the local bar but they cant play bars because they are under age lol…and on top of that they don’t have a record deal so how are they paying for this supposed world tour and there one song demo sound like dog shit, you could barely here the drums but what I could here I could tell he was nowhere near the drummer I am. So I send another message saying “ DUDE the lying don’t stop with you does it. There is no world tour and you are not a pearl rep, besides do you work for sabian too because he is #1 on that page too. And do you know you are commenting a CRIME! Going to jail for Fraud would suck because you are impersonating Pearl drum co., a pearl rep, Sabian cymbal co., and you are using copywrited and trademarked Names and Images illegally. I was like DUDE all you hade to do was say that this is not a official pearl myspace page. Hes reply “DUDE you don’t know anything about me. And that there never could be a official page because the original pearl was dead. ” How STUDIP can one person be. The original pearl does not have to make the page! The page has to be made by the Pearl company to be official! Fucking Dumb Ass!!! That’s when I knew for sure he was not a real pearl rep or worked for pearl or sabian. So then I sent one saying “to be a Pearl rep, He sure lacked in business skills“. After that he blocked me from his page. That just goes to show you that I was right.
Moral of this story : don’t fuck with someone who knows there shit. I have Really thought about contacting Pearl and Sabian and letting them know there is someone impersonating a Pearl rep and use there Copywrited names, Trademarks and Images Illegally on myspace. What do you think? Should I do it, or let it go.


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just tell myspace tom and he will delete their account, it is illegal. unless you like seeing people get sued then tell sabian and pearl, you never know they might reward you


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And just to ADD - The main reason I would trun him would not be because he pissed me off but If he done it to me, there is no telling how many other people he has done it to and how many took hem for real. And in this game of Make Believe he is playing, he is Giveing the drum company I love a BAD reputation.
Definitely a fake. That's really sad that someone takes all the time to do that. Just some 14 year old loser with dreams of being sponsored by Pearl and Sabian and decided he's use MySpace to at least try and make it LOOK like he's the real deal.


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Rock, immature 14-year-olds aside, sending an e-mail through a MySpace page is a good way to send a bad message to a REAL Pearl representative. What you probably need to do is:

- Contact the regional Pearl represenative in your area and find out if they're in the market for new endorsees and find out what the requirements are.

- Ask the representative what a NEW endorsee can expect in terms of deals. My guess? Short of your band going on an International tour, probably wholesale rates -- which is a good deal, but most people have the wrong impression that an endorsee gets stuff for free. Maybe Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, and Steve Gadd get free stuff ... sometimes. Most people just get discounts, even the big shots. If you do clinics, you'd get an additional paycheck for those.

- Put together a clip tape of your best work just in case. Pearl will definitely want some video evidence of your playing, not just an MP3 or CD.

I could probably track down the Pearl rep in your neighborhood if you're interested. I know a few Pearl endorsees who could tell you about the plusses and minuses of their deals.


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Thanks man, and drop me that line if you would, I would like to speak to a real pearl rep. LOL... and I know its not free at frist, I have a few friends with deals with other companys like mapex and taye and I was just trying to find out where to send the stuff, Man you would be surprised at how hard it is to find info like that, I guess it because they get so much other shit. but thanks again.


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the kids obviously a loser its people like that that irritate me. your not here to tear down people so you can make yourself feel better. if you know a drummer thats not as good as you give em a few pointers. but
that kid pushed it your obviously way better then hell ever be. and nobody in their right mind with an edorsment deal from sabian or pearl is gonna have b8's and an export. i have an export and sounds pretty nice. but if i had an endosment i step up to a session or masters. you can report him to myspace and get his accounts deleted.


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haha no offense i wouldnt be asking for an endorsment over myspace. lol!

as prob said above the company would be looking for all the info you can provide about your skills. Albums, Bio, videos, and def touring info so you can promote there products. the wider/bigger the tour the better your chances.

good luck.

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For a band that TOURS the WORLD....I found it really funny that Kuroated had a picture titled "talent show '06".

Maybe the talent show was in Japan....?


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welcome to the anonymous world of myspace. Now you see why the parents are so concerned? any one can be anyone else in this world.
Yeah, it might piss you off, but at least you didn't get into REAL trouble! I'm sure the Pearl website would give you the info you need.
You can get a hold of Pearl atrists in myspace too, if THEY are real.