Piccolo snare for primary


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Hello all, I need some advice... In terms of a pearl piccolo as a main snare, either the brass or maple one??? I want it to sound fat and be as versatile as possible(for a piccolo snare, of course :wink: ) your thoughts and responses are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.



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try Pearl's 14x3,5 free floater - you can buy both maple and brass shells and experiment :)


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Generally, I think maple sounds “better” as long as the heads are fresh. After 10 hours playing, the heads will be less stretchy and the maple snare drum begins to sound like a trigger plate, and by time the bongo drum will be complete. I think a brass snare is more tolerant.
I use both but I spend more time on tuning the maple snare(s) and tuning drums are to me the backside of the fun.
However, this is my point if view and not yours. I would recommend you to try out what you like. To me, maple is a bit more gently and brass more solid.


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I agree with inidigigen ~ I could not have said it better / don't stop with Brass & Maple though - I got a some great tonality out of Pearl's Copper 4 x 14 which ended up on seven recordings.


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I just started using a maple 13x3 piccalo as my primary it's a pearl snare and I don't have to retune it all the time. I like it cause it sounds really tight and punchy. I have a copper one to w/ free floating heads that is loud and cracky. Too each his own. But to answer your question the copper one I have is so loud in a mid size venue I don't need to mike it it's so loud.


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I am a big fan of piccolo/soprano snares.

I have a 3x13 maple and steel. I borrowed a brass one, too (all by Pearl).

As to making it your primary snare and making it fat depends on your tuning, actually. Of course, the shell and drumheads help. you can check out the pearl website on the sonic characteristics of each shell material, and of course, the other posts here as well.

Then again, try different tunings on both top and bottom heads. If you have extra budget, try different heads and snare wires!... Check out Dave Weckl's old instructional videos. He had a piccolo snare, but the sound was fat and big!

One thing also I liked from the Pearl piccolos is that they're light, portable, and very affordable. :D

Have fun!