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wow i havent been here in forever! hey guys i need some help. im a senior and have been looking into what careers i should take. I wanna be a pharmacist, can anyone tell me what kind of pharamacists are out there and whats the difference. also what schools (vocational, technical, university...). Also how long it takes and stuff. and just anyother info i should know about. it would help out alot thanks guys =]

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My wife is a Pharmacist. She's a Research Pharmacist in a large hospital but she has worked at the store level as well for Walgreen's and Osco (a large chain in the Chicago area) and sits on the Admissions Board to her Alma Mater. I'd be happy to ask her anything you have questions about. In general, you are looking at about 6 years of college, plus another 2 years of Pharmacy Residency. To get into the research end of pharmacy, you need at least a Master's degree. Let me know if I can be of any help. The first thing she will ask me is "why do you want to become a pharmacist?" She'll want to know what led you to look at becoming a pharmacist. It's an extremely long road and you have to be committed to it. She did all this while being a soldiers wife and raising four kids which is why she is by far the most amazing woman I have ever met.