Pearl World Series?

Couldn't find much info on the Pearl World Series line. It's not around anymore. What little info I did find, on some website or forum, was it was birch with some mahogany in it, lacquer or wrap finishes and it's comparable to the Pearl Session series of today. I guess it's supposed to be pretty good, from the little info I read.

Was browsing through some used music gear classifieds for a second kit, and came across an ad that listed a Pearl World Series 5 piece kit. It sparked my curiosity. Figured I'd put it out here and see if anybody knows anything about em.


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Well I searched a bit and I think I found the same info as you... some compare it to the earlier Session series and if its anything like those their AWESOME!!
I own a maple session custom from 96 and it still looks and sounds incredible to this day, it shares some hardware features with the masters series and the earlier sets have some really cool finishes.
However I thought the Sessions were either 100% maple, or 100% birch? If the worlds are a hybrid birch/mahogony then they could sound quite different.
How much are they asking for the worlds out of curiosity?


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Well for $250 I'd get them personally. Its a unique Pearl set and I'm sure you could get it sounding awesome with some new heads and a good tuning.
At that price, with a bit of hardware its a steal IMO
If you get it post some pics please :D


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Back in the day the World Series were suppose to be very good. I never played them but I believe they were pro series. If they're in good shape I'd grab em for $250!


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I have played World series many times. The local "musichouse" has a world series kit that you can borrow when you put up shows. They sound very good! Not as good as my starclassic performer but somewhere close hehe :p They look very good as well. The minus would be that the tom-arm goes through a drilled hole in the tom-tom's. I used them couple of weeks ago at a local festival. Almost everyone borrow this kit! It's sick how long these babies have lasted.

Some pics of them:

Yea, I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it. Just waiting to get paid so I can go get it. Still waiting on my graphic design client to pay me.....
Went and picked up the World Series Kit this past weekend. Came with some goodies as well. Axis hi hat stand, Pearl straight cymbal stand with a 3 way clamp, snare stand with the gearless smooth tilting basket, old single strap drive single pedal, and get this, a vintage Gretsch 4105 Dixieland snare from the 60's. Found that out after I got it, did some research when I got home, with the model number, sticker on inside of the shell and looking at pictures. It's more of a collectors item than anything, from what I read. I guess they're going for a serious chunk of change, these days, based on what I saw when I looked it up. Not sure what I want to do with it yet.

Haven't set up the kit and rocked out on it yet, but I gave each drum a few smacks when I brought it home and it sounded pretty good. Just needs to be tuned up a little.

Anyway, pictures.

Yea, helluva deal, I couldn't believe it. The dude was a nice guy, and he probably either didn't know what he had, or he just wanted to get it off his hands. He used it as his practice kit, while he had a main kit.

I looked up the Axis hi hat stand and it's like $199 brand new. Same stand, except mine is all silver. The present ones have black tubes. Mine must be older, but it works great. Used it tonight, just for kicks, with my main kit, when I did some preproduction tracking at the band's rehearsal space. I like the feel of it, pretty smooth.

What floored me, was not only the Axis hi hat stand that was included with the kit, but also the three way Pearl multi clamp that came with it. And what REALLY floored me, was the vintage 60's era Gretsch snare that came with the kit, considering that I found out how much it's worth, when I looked it up after I brought everything home.


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Yeah I can believe the axis stand would be smooth considering how smooth my axis pedals are. And I have a pearl tri-clamp too, they're great. And with that snare, it sounds like you got an insane deal. I'm jealous