Pearl Symphonic Snare?!


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:? what the heck is that strainer for? has anyone played one of these snares? sure pretty with those tube lugs and single flange hoops.


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from the top they look like diescast hoops, butlooking at the bottom hoop look like they maybe be flanged. that throoffs cool looking. maybe its for different snares tension. like you flip one and and they get looser, then a little looser, then they drop

EDIT: I just relized all diecast hoops look like that


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Its looks like each throw-off controls a separate snare

So like, 3 mini snares? Easy way to add and subtract snare from yo snare.


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It's a symphonic snare maening orchestral use, not saying thats all it can be used for, the three straners are for differnt tensions some peices call for a loose tension like a lyrical peice and then others call for a more foucused tension.


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It probably has "Gut" snares on it.
It's set up for fine tuning each wire.
The Ludwig "coliseum" snare was like that.


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From Pearl's website:

"Our Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer System features three separate adjustable throw-offs in one unit, controlling light cable, heavy cable and wire snares, in any combination, providing unbelievable control and endless sound options."

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Those snares sound great. I played one on a theater gig I had last summer. The are not made for playing in a rock band with though. The one I played had wire snares, gut snares and heavy cable snares and was the walnut finished 5.5" version of that drum. The strainers are so smooth in their operation and absolutely silent. They aren't made for heavy backbeat playing, they're made for drummers who require different sounds without changing drums and those who require finesse and subtle changes. I used the wire snare for a ragtime portion of the show, and the gut snares for military cadences. I reccommend theater gigs for any drummer, it really requires you to listen and watch the perfomrance for cues and really sharpens your reading skills.


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I had a customer who bought one from eBay and brought it in for me to play around with. It'd be a great snare for session work and will be in my arsenal.


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yea, i go to school with a bunch of people who have these snares. they sound incredible. i love the different snare combinations. my one friend has this snare with a calf skin head and it is amazing. but, the black swamp orchestral snares are crazy. they have 6 different snare throw offs with different snares. different cable and wire snares. those are sweet too, but a little unneeded.


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This is a great snare, we have it in class. for drum set i'd change the batter head to an evans dry or something along those lines. I couldnt imagine playing fyberskin or renessance(sp?) on a kit!

the three snares are good

wire, gut, and steel. nice timbre changes.

very nicce thing to have


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We usa a similar Pearl snare at school. The hoops are die-cast. Ours is free floating too. Sounds niceee. Not for drumset though.


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SGarrett":fol8c5qi said:
Those snares are pure sex. O. M. G.

How much does sex like that cost? Its an interesting piece, to say the least. I wonder how it would do. It looks like it would be extremely versatile.


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I recon its most like to do with different styles of music, you can have all tensions on for perhaps hip-hop? or maybe 2 strands on for rock? and perhaps one for that weak yet trashy sound for punk or indie?

As that other guy said its orchetral, thus different sounding.
Just a thought.


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I borrowed one of these from the school's band room for a couple of days, it's AMAZING. I love that snare.


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personally, I think it is quite ridiculous to use one of these on the drumset...... I play one in the percussion ensemble I am in and I must say that it has the greatest sound I have ever heard, however it is NOT for drumset, it has more use in a classical setting plus, i would be afraid to beat the shit out of it because it seems so delicate


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It's kinda like a cat, little and furry and not everybody likes it. It can be good to eat, but not to play with and vice versa. If you apply some steak sauce to the batter head you get that kinda sound from the 60's. You know, I think Joey Jordinson applies steak sauce to his batter heads. Try it, it's a great sound.


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Cheerful-Bear":2vijo4ag said:
It's kinda like a cat, little and furry and not everybody likes it. It can be good to eat, but not to play with and vice versa. If you apply some steak sauce to the batter head you get that kinda sound from the 60's.
I just wanted to let you know that I made this my Gmail quote for my IM because, well, it's priceless.

Thank you crazy drum forum poster-dude.