Pearl Snare drum Conflict..


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Hey everyone, im looking for a great sounding Pearl snare for rock/pop style music! Im torn between 3 different ones and interested in seeing what everyone thinks and has used :?: ...thanks peeps!


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Don't forget about the Chad Smith Signature. That's one fine drum, and the least expensive Signature that Pearl makes. I'm currently saving to get one.


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well i dont know what ones your look at, but i've found the chad smith signature snare to be very versitile and perfect for rock/pop, and quite affordable, only around $200


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I recommend Pearls' Reference Series snare drum

I've added it to my arsinal and it's perfect for rock/pop. They're really loud and crisp, perfect cut through live performances.

Like it said, it is REALLY loud if you're a rock drummer. Might piss off your band mates. Check it out, might be what you're looking for.


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I own a 14" by 6.5" Reference Snare and I think it rules. Might not be in your price range however. But the session custom snares are okay too. I hear the masters are worth looking after too if the session doesn't match up.


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rock/pop huh? i have a pearl maple snare...its very thin depth wise. it really gives a crisp popping sound. pear's a great buy overall...good brand.


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I agree with the previous posts. I've had my Chad Smith for 6 years and it is the best, most versatile snare I've ever owned! And I love the finish, too.


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I have used a Pearl free floating snare , maple model for sometime now. This is the best snare I have ever used and sounds great recorded. The best thing about it is that you can swap shells if you want. I have a thick vented shell that I swap in from time to time.
No matter what kit I buy, i always park their snare and use the free floater.


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out of the ones you listed, i'd go for the BRX Masters Studio, gotta love the birch.

Personally, I play the Pearl Piccolo (steel) and I love it. It only cost about $150 and the most common reaction I get from people is, "Damn, that thing doesnt sound like a piccolo..."

Mike T

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What you need to do is go play them all and judge what sounds right to you ..we can suggest snare drums all day long and it means nothing since you do not hear what we hear...also look at the Ian Paice sig model might just be the one for you ..


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im telling you the steve jordan signature model or a dw edge. The steve jordan sounds better than anything you have ever heard seriously, it somehow manages to get the pop/crack/ring/fatbak/cut all in one. The edge is the most versatile snare in the world in my OPINION, i play jazz, rock, fusion, salsa, can be tuned up, down, left, right whichever way it always sounds great, even tuned at marching snare level

go with a steve jordan for pop/rock, you will not be dissapointed


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I started out playing pop rock and punk. I found that for that style the Yamaha 14"x6.5" Steel snare gave a good pop, and depending on how you tune it you can get a cool cracking sound if thats what your going for.