Pearl Session Custom and Pearl Masters Series - Who has one?


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I have a Pearl master BRK kit and I love it ! My BRX kit is 6 ply 100 percent birch shell ( I like birch better than maple. It tends to have a deeper, darker tone and are naturally EQ'ed. I play Hard Rock and some Metal so I find them to be the best kit for my type of music.) Every time I play I am told I have one of the best sounding kits they have ever heard. so I hope this helps you some.


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RogersDrummer":azs0bsk0 said:
Who has either of these sets? How do they sound? Do you like them?

I've owned both... they are awesome. The only thing I noticed between them was price. Both kits sounded incredible. One thing I liked about these kits it didn't matter what heads you put on them they always sounded good. I love pearl drums probably one of the best drum companys out there.

I got rid of my masters for a DW kit.. what a mistake...I'm still kicking myself in the ass. But hands down you can't go wrong with either kit.

the Masters kit

the Session kit


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I'm using Pearl MMX 14x6.5 snare. Well-crafted, easy to tune, really warm, not that expensive. The essence of a maple snare, I think.


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Thanks for the input guys!

I was thinking of getting a session custom maple to add to the collection. they sound very nice



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