Pearl Reference Snare Drum


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I have one, its great but im looking to get rid of it. 5x14 silver sparkle
14 outerplys of maple and 6 inner plys of birch, loud as sin. Im sure everyone knows all about it. Anyone interested?


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Drumming_Animal":1uc6y6ri said:
how much is it going for???

can you upload a pic??

Im looking to sell it, with new heads and all tuned up for 385 plus shipping. I have a heavly padded case for it as well if whoever wanted it was interested. I'm open for negotiating if one was so inclined.

I will post pictures soon. I have to wait for my digital camera to get back from the docter...

But... if you want to see pictures of it online go here,

you can read up on the drum as well