Pearl Reference Series


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The same for me - I would love to try them out. On the other way I don't think they're much better than e.g. Pearl Masters(while being much more expensive than masters). That is why I wouldn't buy them

juNgle beatZ

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Well it's the top line of Pearl just like Masters and Masterworks... I believe that all of those line are made with the same amount of precision (apart from handcrafted Masterworks?)


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So I can't see any reason why people pay that much for reference drums. I think Pearl should even Reference and Masters prices, upgrade hardware on masters and add some new Reference finishes


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True. I think that one of the reasons behind the price difference between masters and reference is the fact that the RF series are novelty :) and novelties are always expensive :)
the other thing that RF uses more advance hardware and shells are made for 3 not 1 kinds of wood


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they sound cousin has a set of them 8 pce and they're work the money...the only downfall to it is the weight of the set. i believe the snare alone is like 18 pounds b/c of the 20 plies . thats the only part i dont like about the drums is the weight and the crome opti mount system is another reason its heavy..but this is probably the best se ive ever played