Pearl p2002c Eliminator problems


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hey guys this is, i believe, my first time posting here, but i love the forum. Ive used it for a whole lot....

I have a Pearl P2002C Eliminator Double Pedal and ive been having some problems... ive used it for about a year now and just lately ive been really working on double bass drumming and blast beats and such. So now i started to look at it and the left pedal is lower than the right and produces an unneeded clicking sound. I investigated and it turns out its hitting a screw thing on the base of the pedal. Ive tried everything i can think of to fix this but i just can not get the pedal to operate as well as my right pedal. I was just wondering if anybody has any ideas of how to fix this...etc.

Thx for your help.



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Dude I had the Same thing happen, It realy pissed me off a frist so I had to take to my pearl dealer and worked on for about 10min. and when he was done never had another problem, I think he adjusted the spring a little bit and done something the cross bar but when he was done it was right. so just take to your pearl dealer, He will know what to do.


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haha its simple. either change your cam to the red or the blue one. and just take your drum key and adjust the spring so the pedal is higher! bingo shouldnt now hit the screw on the connection thingy ma bobber.


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explore the problem a bit more closely 2 c if there is a possible solution, cuz it sounds like tht there could be many