Pearl Masters Customs....zildjian k's (A mastersound hats)


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The pics arent amazing...but i guess they work....

does anyone know the best company for sound-proofing material. we just finished that studio and it is still needing a little more work....


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Ooooofff love that finish :wink: - that green just makes me smile! and a pearl masters' kit well that just tops it off... nice cymbals too! :shock:

sorry don't know anythin bout the soundproofin though.


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I really dig the layout on that kit, it's really unusual. Very nice looking kit too!

What are you looking to do? Tune the room a bit for recording, or soundproof it so no sound leaks out of it?

In our studio, we made baffles of foam covered with coarse material and placed them strategically to break up the waves/tune the room.

To literally 'soundproof' a room though, so no sound leaks out, yikes- that's tough. Floating floors and walls are about the only way to get a room truly soundproofed, in my experience. Hopefully that's not what you need to do...


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hey thanx to all the comments...i appreciate it...and yah im lookin for the no sound leakage effect. This place is built like a rock...cinderblock walls on 3 sides that have double framed/ drywalled walls with insolation inserts. but the enterance is still leakin with the doors and such... prolly just gonna have to double door it....


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i love it it has a grteat tone...and a lot of feel to it....i have had some problems with the clutch though... but other than that its a winner for sure


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to loops-
Pearl Masters Custom Series
depth x width
1. 10 x 10
2. 10 x 12
3. 14 x 14
4. 16 x 16
22 x 22
14 x 6.5 (i think) nickel plated (dw)
all pearl super heavy duty
1 gibraltar medium cymbal stand
DW 9000 double bass pedal (my baby)


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Nice kit... i really like the finish and i bet it sounds great... but about sound proofing the room i dont really go along with it... it makes the sound too dull and lifeless... but since its for studio purpose then do whatever you like... i once recorded on a room only with sound traps and it sounded better than when i recorded in a sound room... although the other factor is the microphones you have in there... anyways just giving you suggestions which i see you already have.. take care man