Pearl kit at NAMM


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I'm not necessarily a huge Pearl fan, and I usually don't care for white kits, but I could not stop staring at this set at NAMM:



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WOW. That looks incredible, I actually quite like the white hardware. But cmon, look at the position of the two main crashes...How could you possibly play them that high up?
Well to be fair, its not there to be played, but to be looked at, so :D

Anyway, a very sweet kit.


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I don't know that anyone ever played that kit-
they didn't have a throne set up, and this whole thing was on a riser that put it at eye-level, you couldn't just walk up and sit down at it. See the second picture, the guy standing in front of it-

Still, I have seen some folks play with crashes that high. I wouldn't, but I've seen some who do.

I think it'd be cool with white stands too, I mean, come on-
if they're going to commit to white, let's go all the way!


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loop":3jmtv4q0 said:
I don't like the white hardware. Oh, and the rototoms don't match
good eye! how much more would it have possible costed to powder coat 16 more lug casings and 4 small rims? lol. idk.

and i've seen a lot of drummers into the look where their drums are low and flat and they're cymbals can only be reached with a step ladder. i persoanly think it looks kinda goofy, but im one work smarter, not harder. reachable cymbals are always nice.


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those are Octobans, not rotos. :)

though Pearl calls them 'Quarter Toms,' since octoban is probably trademarked by Tama. That's what most folks would know them as, I think.