Pearl JG16 Jungle Jig floor tom to Bass Drum converter Kit


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Changes any 16" floor tom into a jungle-style bass drum.

Changes any 16" floor tom into a jungle-style bass drum. Get more mileage out of your kit by converting your 16" floor tom into a bass drum. This kit comes with spurs that fit in your existing floor tom leg brackets (fits brackets with standard 3/8" diameter legs) and height-lift with post that secures to your tom mount bracket. There are no holes to drill. You will also need an ISS type mount with 7/8" tom post receiving bracket.

Here are the correct Pearl parts needed for Pearl drums to complete the floor tom to bass drum conversion: For 16" Export Series Floor Toms and Session Series Floor Toms (1995/1996), you will need 447934 - PEARL IS1216N ISS MOUNT, plus 447961 - PEARL BT-3 TOM MOUNT.

For 16" Session Series Floor Toms (1997 - present) or 16" Master SeriesFloor Toms (1997/1998), you will need 447939 - PEARL IS1216SL ISS MOUNT, plus 447961 - PEARL BT-3 TOM MOUNT For a 16" Masters Series Floor tom (1999 to present), you will only need 448755 - PEARL OPTIMOUNT TOM MOUNTING SYSTEM 15 TO 16".

I'm not familiar with Pearl's termanology, so can someone who has this help me out with it.

It seems I need to buy this bass drum converter kit and these two items ... sku=447934 ... 2.Music123

Will this work for any brand floor tom?

Anyone got any pictures of this thing in action? IMO the company pictures don't do a very good job showing how it works.

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It should work if you don't have a wierd rim or an unusual drum. The ISS mount clamps on the rim, the BT-3 just bolts to the holes and supports the mounting post (it comes bolted to tom shells on Pearl drums so you just take it off and mount it on the ISS mount)


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I have the Jungle Kit and I used a Pearl Optimount system instead. I felt it would give more stability, as I was unsure how the ISS system would stand up to the drum being laid flat. I actually have an ISS too and can check out how it works out for you if it fits on an 18" tom. I converted an 18" floor tom and it worked well, though I'm not a huge fan of the feet on the legs. I no longer use the jungle kit if you're interested, I also might be will to part with the Optimount and or ISS mount.