Pearl ICON Drum Rack


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Hey everyone....I just ordered a Pearl Curved Icon Rack and was wondering if it was fine for me to just use the tops of my cymbal stands now as boom arms to attach to the rack? Should I buy new boom arms and attach them? I am not very familiar with how the rack is gonna work and Im just wondering if the cymbal stands will hold up because I know they are pretty thin at the top.


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Yea the new style rack clamps are great! I have yet to find anything I could not mount on my rack, and I use a real mess of equipment. The older style clamps I haad some problems with not being able to open far enough to mount some things. I don't think Pearl makes the PC8 clamp anymore but I've seen it on the shelf in some stores. Go with the PCX100, or the PCX200 and you should be able to mount just about anything.
Man! the PCX100 clamps are the Shit! i play Mapex Drums Huge Drums 14"-20" toms i use the Curved Rack with the RJ50 clamp, i used to play round curved Rack and Everything kept Sliping then i sold it. then i bought a the old Icon 503 series.sold that one,then i bought the new Curved Rack with the pcx Clamps are a def way to go, im really glad pearl Remade the new verions.Best rack ive ever if they only make me 2 52" side rack bars hmmm...