Pearl Hardware


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hey, what do u guys(and girls) think about Pearl hardware? the basic hardware my kit came with absolutely sucks, and there's a sale at GC for $50 booms/HH stands from Pearl. i'm very happy with my Gibraltar and PDP hardware, but can't drop that kind of money right now.


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Pearl hardware is really strong and sturdy, and at a good price, I would recomend it.


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Must be superb. But the only pearl hardware I own is a pair of Pearl TH-88 tom holders for my rack toms. It's nice and sturdy and it holds through even your toughest playing styles. Highly recommend it.


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I've been gigging with the same B800 stands for five years and both of them hold my toms along with a cymbal. I've also got a B1000 for my ride, which is far better than the B800 stands.


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I have pearl 1000 sris stands that i won with my wfd kit. and they are without a doubt the highest quality most ajustable stands i'v ever used. I'm a gibraltar guy, always have been. but if i were to get a new harware setup. it would be all pearl. (besides theyre racks, yuk)