Pearl Fire Cracker Snare Drum

Has anyone ever used the Pearl Firecracker Snare or anyone who currently owns one? I would appreciate the feedback :D

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yea, i've played on one before and i plan on getting one hopefully soon. they have a nice quick attack, great depth, and none of those annoying overtones that you get with other snares.



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what he said.

my friend has one as a secondary snare, and its a really fun little drum. i found myself using it alot with a cowbell and closed hi hats... if i had the extra cash i'd buy one, but my main priorities come first... oh and the one i played was poplar.


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yeah i've used one when i worked at a guitar center i'm really thinking of getting one!


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originally i was interested in the yamaha Musashi in Oak but the price was a bit out of budget so then i saw the firecracker but opted for a PDP 805 in maple i liked having the option to use a stand or the L mount and it's an inch or so deeper, but ultimately i do wish i would have waited for the yamaha although they are a pretty good value for the price


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those things are pretty cool. i love the birch one. just take care of em. they are insane. ive even used one as a main with good results


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it didn't sound bad, i agree very nice depth...however The Jimmy Chamberlin Signature (Yamaha) Is freakin amazing, dual snare strainers, beautiful brushed finish, amazing crack off the rim and on.


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ive played both on the steel and the wood version of the snare and i hav 2 say tht the 10x5 wood is a very great fat sounding snare