Pearl Export Series


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hey guys..i was thinkin of gettin a new kit and ive had my eye on a pearl export series....whats ur views on them?
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i have one, its not bad for the price, its just like any kit, slap some decent skins on and tune it right and your good as gold, your generally paying for the name, id put new lugs on it though.


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Hack_and_Slash":gkjplmmz said:
They're not bad. There is definitely better quality for the same price range though.
yep, such as mapex m birch w/ a free tom like the export deal goin now. its a tad more but IMHO its a better kit.


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I would go with something else like tama or mapex. i have played an export before, it was a good set but I didnt like it.


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Check Local shops and even Sam Ash or Guitar Center because exports are on their way out being replaced by the Visions series so you can get heavily discounted prices on them I got my Exr's for only $375 8)


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ive had one for along time and i like it. i like how pearls hardware has 2 rods going into the bass drum rather than just one like tama and some of the others cuz it can give u more options to do stuff, for example i have one tom out one hole and a cymbal arm out of the other.


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I've played an export my entire life, its old school though with long lugs, however never let me down in practice, live or in the studio good heads and tuning make a world of difference


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i like export kits, the only problem is tht now they r 1 of the most popular kits being bought, and i dont want 2 b like every1 else and hav 1, im very original, so i got other things


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^^^Remember, you're an individual...just like everyone else. :D

In today's market, it really comes down to what kind of wood and hardware you want. I used to tell people that it's like ice cream. Do you like Crystal vanilla or do you like Dryer's vanilla? One flavor, two recipes. The moral is, buy what you like. Who's tom mounts do you like, who has the color options you like, etc.. That said, "Philippine Mahogany" (what Exports are made of) is not a real mahogany. It's just swamp wood, like basswood, that Pearl uses because it's cheap. To their credit, this is the wood industry standard name for this wood and not their own name for it.

Me, personally, I'd opt for maple or birch since those are options for intermediate level kits now.