Part of your kit you get most fun messing with


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Hi Everybody. I'm new to the forums. My name's Kenny and as all of us I love drums :)

Here's my question :)

What's the part of your kit that you like to play most?


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I guess I have fun with playing every part of my kit as long as it sound good :) but I'd say the ride& hihats :) <chick chick>


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im a big fan of messing with the bell of the ride and/or other cymbals. very fun. ad's a lot to your sound.


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The snare. It's the center of your set, and it works in almost every fill, and is even more integral than the bass drum imo.

Altho I love my double pedals.


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I really love the core of the kit: just the bass drum, snare, and hi-hats. Sometimes when I'm setting my drums up in the practice space after a gig, I stop after setting up the core and play for a while. It really forces you to be creative and to experiment with different kick/snare placements within any given time signature.


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i think the toms are where its at. the snare, bass and cymbals keep most of the backbeat, but its the toms that really set drummers apart. from hearing bonhams triplets, to neil pearts crazy african rythems, to terry bozzios crazy chromatically tuned drums, the toms are really what make us differnt from each other.


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I play with two bass drums so I get the most fun out of mixing it up with my floor toms and both bass drums, and of course my Aux. Hats. I must say that I have the best time crashin my 18" chinese when I'm in a double bass fill. :D