paiste- yes? no?


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whats your pros and cons for Paiste??

what range do you play? have you found a great sound of a cheaper range in paiste?

whats your FAV paiste cymbal? whats your worst buy? etc etc.


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What can I say?

Zildjians's, Sabian's or Paiste's are ALL good cymbals!

I could play ANY of those, but I have ended up on (mainly) Zildjian's.

I started out with Paiste cymbals, and I loved the sound, Especially of the 602 Formula ride cymbal I had then, and obviously any 2002 cymbal.

Then I swapped to Zildjian's. The main reason was, I bought some 8-10 cymbals at the same time (around 1985), and Zildjian's were then the best bargain, and also the largest catalogue of different cymbals.

Sabian's were really expensive (at least in Norway) at the time, so it really came down do random choice, all though I loved the sound of Zildjian's then and still do.

But you can't go wrong really, with any of those brands!
PAISTE all the way. If you can afford them, they are an awesome cymbal, and a great investment. I plaw quite a few and have no intentions of ever returning to Sabians even though I played them for close to 20 years

Johnny Cat

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Paiste's are my favorite by far.

I'm totally in love with their New Signature Dark Energy crashes, which I went on about in another thread quite a bit, so I don't really want to bore anyone repeating it all. lol.

And my hats are 13" Signature Sound Edge, and they are the best set of hats I've ever heard or played, so I had to have a pair. Fantastic for articulate playing, opening and closing really quick for slurs and barks and whatnot, and they're bright, which I also really like.

They're expensive, but any good cymbal is worth the money in my opinion.

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First: My favorite cymbal I've EVER owned is my 20" Paiste signature power ride AKA death ride) I've had it for 10 years and LOVE IT!

Second: I just bought 2 signatures last March (17" power crash & 18" full crash) both broke within a month and were replaced under warranty.

Tonight will be the first time i'll use my new sabian paragon 18" crash. I'll let you know.

Summary: It's hard to beat a good old Zildjian A


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Paiste's are by far the best cymbal line out there.There sound is unmatched.Even there low budget line of cymbals can compete against other top companies such as zildjian and sabian.


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Personal taste.

I've found everything I've wanted in my Sabians!

I've heard some Pasite cymbals and they do sound great...but,I've also have heard(from drummers that play them)that they are pretty brittle....expensive,ect...

Do what you do,play what you play.....even if it is a trashcan lid.


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Look - If Paul Leim (the greatest drummer in the world) chooses PAISTE, then what other cymbals are there? :D



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I wish I had got them insted of the AA Sabian's. :oops:

I like a brite sound and the AA's just don't have that briteness the Paiste's have. Think Alex Van Halen. 8)


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Yes, they are my favorite brand as a whole. I find them to be the most musical cymbals. They just speak to my soul, and that is what a great cymbal, regardless of brand, should do. The Paiste line that I prefer most is: The Sound Creation and Sound Formula, then Signatures, and Rudes. I really like their flat rides. I am fortunate to have a rather large collection. (200+) The three big companies do make some great cymbals. But as a whole I prefer Paiste?s. I have separate complete set ups of Zildjian and Sabian that I can leave on at rehearsal or club and not worry about them if stolen. (Yes, I would be upset that they were stolen.) But some of my more prized Paistes, I would be heart broken if they were lost. With all of that said a great cymbal is a great cymbal. Some of the smaller cymbal companies make some good stuff as well. I have played and owned some great cymbals from Wuhan, UFIP, Istanbul (I have a great 10? bell from them.), Bosphorus, Meinl.


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I love the broken glass sound of my Paise 802's, I have a 16 crash, 20 ride and 12 splash in my jazz setup.

I've found however that for the harder rock stuff Zildjans cut through much better.


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It's a matter of choice. Although you can always tell how a Paiste cymbal sounds when you hear recordings from the likes of John Bonham or Alex Van Halen or Ian Paice.

I did have the old 502 Paiste cymbal and it had a high end crash. I suspect the PS5s are the old 502 Paise. Definly cut through any guitar noise thats for sure.


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The sheer amount of them around my kit hopefully speaks for itself, i'll never use anything other than Paiste unless they change something in their swiss magic makings.

The best cymbals i've ever played, the only problem i have with Paiste is keeping myself limited to one setup :lol:


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I like Paiste cymbals very much. In fact there is a little 2002 14" crash at the shop I use for a very good price. It'll probably be the next cymbal I buy. It's a great cymbal for a timbale set. Which is how I'll use it.

Over the years I've owned a lot of Paiste cymbals and I've never been disappointed. Of course I've owned other brands as well. No one brand is my favourite choice, but I do tend to buy more Zildjians than any other brand.


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i like paistes and for a while i wanted all paistes but there isnt anywhere around here to play them so after i got my 18" full crash i was turned around by sabian and havent looked back. if i want to play it, sabian has it and i dont think i want to change that.


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Paiste are IMO very specific cymbals - they don't sound similiar to Zildjians, Sabians or other. You either like'em or you don't ;)
I personally love Paistes - especially ColorSounds :) I own a 2000 heavy 14" hats in red finish and I had a 20" ride and a 18" crash but had to sell them :|
I also have an old 2002 heavy ride (circa 84) and even though it has a small dent I can't imagine a better ride cymbal :)
I'd love to get my hands on some signature full crashes and some more 2000 color sound (red) to add to my collection :)


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i will only play paistes myself. even tho there more expensive, it dosent matter because there better made so theyll last longer. the only thing better than a new paiste is an old paiste. i havent broken a paiste yet after years of bad experiences with sabian and zildjian. there feel is unmatched and there sound is beautiful, plus they look so damn beautiful.