Paiste Rides


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I'm looking into getting a Paiste Ride cymbal but am open to other brands as well. I need a ride that has a great bell sound (I play on the bell 75% of the time probably), good ping when riding, and that can be crashed (but I don't want it to be too crashy when I ride it). Sorry the description is so ambiguous.

break the prism

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i too reccommend signature (or new signature), 2002 (great bell rides), or twenties.

i recently found out that my "prototype" ride was the final prototype for the signature dark full ride. ha, and the only change was in the finish. i paid $150 for mine as a prototype and the finished product, which sounds exactly the same is almost double!


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I did manage to win a 20 inch Power Ride Rude cymbal last week. Have to say it's got the longest substain for any ride cymbals I have played with. POWER ride indeed :)


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2 Paiste rides come to mind:

2002 series Heavy Ride - one of my alll time favorites!
Signature Dry Heavy Ride - If you are into the bell this is the Paiste to have!


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a paiste singnature 22" dark metal ride has a nice bell sound and also the rude 24" mega power eclipse ride , really anyting 22" or bigger will have a big bell sound


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love my signature 20" power ride, ping cuts like crazy, sustain for days and the bell is awesome!

btw, paid 40 bucks for it!!!!!