Paiste players, please help!


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I’m looking to buy a new cymbal set up. I’ve used both Zildjian and Sabian in the past but have always looked at Paiste with interest. I’ve always loved the sound of Paiste but I’ve heard rumors that they crack easy. I’m looking at the 2002 Wild series; does anyone have any experience with them?
I have to add that I am a very hard drummer but schooled. I always hit the cymbals with glancing blows or I pull back the drumstick when the cymbals are hit. I never “go through” the cymbals.



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I've been playing Paiste cymbals for 20 years and most of the varieties and the "they crack easy" rumour is crap. Heck I bought a Forumla 602 11" splash used and it lasted 3 years before it cracked and that was only after some knucklehead sat on my kit and slammed into it like it was a 20" crash. Dang I miss that cymbal.

Question, I have never heard of a 2002 "Wild" cymbal, I even checked the Paiste website. Did you mean the 2002 RUDE? If you did, the Rude cymbals are only good if you are playing loud and live. They cut like crazy live. They do not record well. They also are thick as hell so you won't have an issue with cracking.

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i bought a 5 years used 16" paiste signature fast crash cymbal and have had it for 3 years. no dents, cracks, anything. and this is one of the thinnest cymbals on the market.


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i havent tried the wild but, i can tell u that the 2002 series is some of the best sounding cymbals ive heard. and no they do not crack easy, the thin crashes u might be a little more careful with though. and know he didnt mean rude. they just added the wild series, its just odd sizes i think. such as 15' and 17' crashes, 19' and 21' rides, 13 1/2' high hats.


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the company just sent me a small set of sigs and 2002 for this yera tour endorsment we're doing, i got 13" 2002 sound edge hats, 15" and 17" sig fast crashes and 16" 2002 medium crash, and 20" 2002 ride. Ive never been happier, too bad its only for the year.


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...are newly introduced so not many players can share experience, but audio samples on PAISTE sound room are convincing...


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racefan33":3mwuf9d4 said:
Question, I have never heard of a 2002 "Wild" cymbal, I even checked the Paiste website.

Like Tuthmozis said: 2002 Wild cymbals are newly introduced.



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I'm a extremely hard hitter also, I had a problem with cracking signatures alot but try the lower lines they sound just as good I'm using PST 5's now for one they sound great the price is right and I can't break them... I even tried breaking them, they hold up well. I wouldn't dwell on series over sound. I've used alpha's also they would work well also. Any like sound formula's, 2002, rudes...forget it they break easy.


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I tell you what, bro; Paiste has ALL but left me with a sense of disatisfaction. I just set up my profile with this forum so I don't have a photo of my kit on here yet. But a picture is worth a 1000 words, and that picture would tell you that I absolutely trust paiste to come through with an unbelievable sound. I've played Zildjian A/K Customs and Sabian HH/HHX Evos. Paiste blows them out of the water (for me). HOWEVER!! You almost need to pick your cymbals blind folded. Meaning, don't say, "I want cymbals from this manuf." Determine the range of cymbals you are going to use. For instance; 13 or 14" hats? 20 or 22" ride? 16 and 18" or 17 and 19" crashes? Tap on some hats, ride the rides, beat on the crashes. You're not going to know what you want till you do.
Word of advice; don't buy anything too heavy (ie; Z Custs, 2002 Rude), especially if you're a heavy hitter!! They won't last! Think of it like this; The thicker and heavier they are, the less they'll give and flex with each strike of the stick. The thinner they are (and not talking about sabian's paper thins) the more they'll give and flex. But then you're sacrificing sustain for longevity. But if fast crashes are what pleases your ear.......
Paiste is the more expensive manufacturer, but they're well worth the buck. But find YOUR SOUND!!


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couldn't said it any better ^

I do have the 2002 Rude 20 inch C/R and have yet to crack it. Actually I have yet to crack a cymbal although I do have a K Medium Thin Crash that rubbed against a Impulse cymbal and ended up getting chipped :evil: and I've dented a 10 inch splash but have never cracked a cymbal and I'm a pretty hard hitter. Used to be a hardcore Zildjian user till I ended up getting a 2002 crash cymbal and was won over just like that. I think it takes a lot to crack a cymbal unless you're using baseball bats (although I do have reservations of getting anything fast crash).

But every cymbal company has different sounds that might work for you so seek em out at the local music store.