Paiste Giant Beat


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If you go and pick up the new Modern Dummer festival DVD the drummer from death cab for cutie uses them i really want that 24" ride, it sounds sweet!

break the prism

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i decided to match my current setup with some zildjian K crashes. all in all, i just don't have the bank to keep buying new paistes.


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john bonham used giant beats until the 2002 series came out, they hav a big energetic beat for them perfect for classic rock music and wht not, very nice


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I have....
24" Paiste 2002 ride
20" Paiste 2002 crash medium(use it as a ride as well)
19" Paiste 2002 crash medium
16" Paiste 2002 crash medium
15" Paiste 2002 soundedge hi-hats

and I'll tell you what..I've never received so many compliments on how my cymbals sound for live and recording. They cut through anything the rhythm guitarist wants to throw at me.I really dig the ride because there is so much playing room and you can get alot of different sounds moving around the cymbal...and the bell really makes a statement when used.Giant Beats look cool as hell and sound pretty similar to the 2002's.The hi-hats don't have the ruffled/wavy bottom cymbal as the soundedge which I think really choke the sound when closed.But holyshit...when you open those bad boys during play,its balls to the wall bro!! And people will know you mean business!!


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I played a 24" giant Beat Ride at a Sam Ash today and it was fantastic!! That same sound you hear on Led Zeppelin II!!!!

They want $375 for it.

If I was doing a classic rock gig or a Zepp tribute band, I would go with that ride.


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I sometimes play a 20" giant beat. Real classic full crash sound and washy ride sound. It goes great with classic rock sound a la Led Zeppelin, etc. I prefer really full, long sustained cymbals as opposed to the short and crisp "fast" sound.


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Keep an eye out for 'em on eBay. I've seen one recently (24") for a buy it now , $250. I damn near bought it. I own two 22" 50's Zildjian rides that I love but was gonna get that for the good price.


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They're super thin.... I was looking at a 24" ride and it was like the same thickness of my A custom 18" fast crash.....