painting your kit


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i figure that this is already a topic but i dont ever have the time to go search for it.

if i would want to paint my kit is there a certain paint thats would stick to the shell wraps or should i just rip the wraps of and paint the wood of the shells?


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Timekeep69":1o985eg2 said:
Remove the wrap, sand shells, seal the wood and then use automotive paint.
And coat with polyurathane.

It isn't that easy to do. I recommend taking the shells to a car sprayer or something and get it done properly.
I think Staining is better, looks cooler than plain paint


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One of the things my company does is re-wraping, you can order lamenates to do this with. I'm cutting my own throat telling you this, but it is available. IM me if you want, and I'll give you some link info.


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you can take it to a body shop to get it painted, but its not gonna be cheap. te get it professionally painted is gonna run you about $500


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go to on that site you'll find colors and crazy paints you'll never find anywhere else. These are automotive paints, you just have to check the site out. But if you want something to make people say wow they have it!


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solitaryshell5":1fejrt1k said:
yea i may be able to get it done for free my sister runs a body shop so thank God i may be able to save 500
Yeah, a lot of people know someone in the auto body industry.......My neighbor is gonna do a kit for me for about $300. He did a car for my ol' lady about 5 years ago that looked sweet. Purple with metal flake. I might use that paint again, and have the rims and lugs powder coated yellow when I do my kit soon.